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  • We Don’t Need Less Traditional Masculinity, We Need More

    This effort to eradicate masculinity is dangerous because it disrupts the relationships that depend on the complementary nature of the sexes.

    The Federalist
  • The U.S. Navy’s New Missile Defense Is a Bad Idea

    David Axe Security, "As a defense against ICBMs, the SM-3 might not work. And even if it does, it might only make America less safe."  The U.S. Navy will try for the first time to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile in the middle phase of the ICBM's flight, the Pentagon announced on Jan. 17, 2018. But it's not clear the Navy's SM-3 missile is up to the task. Even if it is, its deployment could lead to a dangerous arms race. The SM-3 announcement was part of the Trump's...

    The National Interest
  • Shutdowns don’t get bad linearly; they get bad exponentially

    Federal employees missed their first paycheck last week; from here on in, every milestone dramatically exacerbates the pain of the shutdown: a halt to aviation as TSA screeners quit en masse, civil cases stall in federal courts, 38 million hungry Americans denied food stamps and 10% of food sales in the US vanishing; deals expiring with the landlords of 40,000 low income households; then 2.2 million more households are imperiled; landlords renting to federal agencies will go without rent but...

    Boing Boing