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  • 12 things you didn't know about the Bill of Rights

    There's a lot you probably didn't know about the Bill of Rights. It was inspired by the English Bill of Rights of 1689. It didn't actually apply to all individuals until 130 years after it was made. The Bill of Rights — aka the first 10 amendments to the Constitution — guarantee basic rights such as freedom of speech and worship. And while the Bill of Rights has existed since 1791, there's a lot about it that most people don't know. Read on for some facts about the Bill of Rights you may...

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  • 12 things you should know about the flu virus

    Health experts explain why now is the time to get vaccinated - and how to avoid catching flu. By Lisa Salmon.

    Mail Online
  • 2018 Latin Grammys: Everything you need to know

    The awards show recognizes the achievements of musicians around the world in 49 categories dedicated to Spanish- or Portuguese-language recordings.

  • 6 Things to Know About AG Nominee William Barr 6 Things to Know About AG Nominee William Barr

    William Barr is a former U.S. attorney general, an advocate of investigating Hillary Clinton, and a bagpipe player for 60 years. President Donald Trump announced

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