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  • Music mogul Troy Carter on what it's like to manage Prince's estate, the music industry today, and more

    At IGNITION 2018, legendary Los Angeles music manager and venture capitalist Troy Carter talked about how he decides which companies to invest in, what the music industry is like for new artists now, what it's like to manage Prince's estate, and more. Watch the full talk here. Join the conversation about this story

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  • What was your favorite part of the 2018 Blue Wave?

    The 2018 midterm election was a big and beautiful Blue Wave that saw Democrats retake the House at a level not seen since Watergate, while in the Senate, with its particularly brutal map for the good guys, Republicans only managed to increase their majority by one seat. Democrats took back governorships, state houses, and more. There were, of course, disappointments. The Zodiac Killer is still free to ruin lives, and a white supremacist still represents a small corner of Iowa, but in the end, it...
  • The Instagram Highlighting The Fashion Of Our Favorite Music Videos

    Our latest Instagram obsession? Runway To Music Video, an account highlighting all the best designer pieces worn in music videos, from the of-the-moment to the legendary. Run by Mario Dodovski, a 24-year-old fashion enthusiast living in Skopje, Macedonia, the account brings together our two passions – beautiful fashion and music we listen to again and again – in one aesthetically pleasing post. Incidentally, Mario doesn't work in either industry; he's a technical writer for a large international...

  • A thank you for Harleys and blue jeans, country music and jelly beans

    Thankful for a few dollars in my pocket. For tall cups of dark roast coffee. For the sensation of cool raindrops falling upon me.

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