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  • The Lessons of ‘Dieselgate’

    Insane amounts of political capital were spent trying to wring meaningless CO2 reductions from cars.

  • Lessons from Marawi

    Marawi, Mindanao’s brightest jewel of a city but now a wasteland, is a stark reminder to any secessionist movement that this country cannot be dismembered. by F. Sionil Jose
  • The Forgotten Lessons of Nagasaki

    Susan Southard Seventy-four years after an atom bomb destroyed the Japanese city, survivors hold on to its tragic memory. The post The Forgotten Lessons of Nagasaki appeared first on The Nation.

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  • The Lessons of the Government Shutdown

    This government shutdown is now longer than any in history. The media keep using the word "crisis." "Shutdown sows chaos, confusion and anxiety!" says The Washington Post. "Pain spreads widely." The New York Times headlined, it's all "just too much!" But wait. Looking around America, I see people going about their business—families eating in restaurants, employees going to work, children playing in playgrounds, etc. I have to ask: Where's the crisis? Pundits talk as if government is the most...
  • Lessons from a Political Martyr

    If history is any guide, vindictive politics tends to escalate quickly and end well for no one, especially when guilt matters more than truth.�
  • Lessons From a Republican Survivor

    Rep. Will Hurd, the congressman in Texas’ toughest district, explains how he beats the odds—and why the GOP needs to reach out beyond its base.

  • Lessons from Watergate for the Trump era

    Former Watergate reporter Elizabeth Drew and "Russian Roulette" author David Corn discuss parallels between Woodward and Bernstein's reporting on Nixon and the latest reports on Trump and Russia.