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  • Fire breaks out in Dhaka, three reported killed

    A huge fire broke out on Wednesday at a building in Bangladesh's capital Dhaka, a fire service official said, and local media reported that at least three people had died in the blaze.

  • YouTube simplifies three-strikes system for channels

    Changes to the video site's community guidelines go into effect Feb. 25.

  • Master Spanish with this intuitive language learning system

    Learning a new language like Spanish doesn't have to be hard. Either you can buy a ticket to a Spanish-speaking country, immerse yourself in the culture and pick it up intuitively - or you can do it from the comfort of the chair you're in right now by logging on to Rocket Spanish. There are a lot of language learning apps out there, but this is a full online course, designed to get you speaking Spanish confidently at the intermediate level - fast. Rocket Spanish makes full use of tools like...

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