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  • Mark Warner warns of shutdown impact on security clearances

    The three-week government shutdown threatens to undermine the process by which federal employees obtain and maintain sensitive security clearances, Virginia Sen. Mark Warner, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said. In a letter to the Trump administration on Friday, Mr. Warner noted that security
  • Shutdown jeopardizes security clearances, and even jobs, of already struggling government contractors

    Trashcans overflowing in national parks. Closed doors at the Smithsonian. Possible delays on income tax returns. But there’s one side effect of the government shutdown that’s getting less attention: its toll on government contractors.

    Washington Examiner
  • Why Privatizing Airport Security Is Good For American Taxpayers and Their Security

    The flu season isn’t the only thing keeping some TSA agents out of work. As the partial government shutdown rolls on, TSA paychecks aren’t coming

    The Daily Signal
  • Homeland Security to help secure Super Bowl despite shutdown

    The Department of Homeland Security says it will still provide federal support to the Super Bowl this year, despite the partial government shutdown. Super Bowl LIII -- an event that requires the support of more than 40 federal, local and state agencies -- takes significant federal support in order to be played, according to federal and local officials. The Atlanta Police Department and Department of Homeland Security will take the lead on security plans, officials say. DHS press secretary Tyler...