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  • Spurs' Gregg Popovich says Kawhi Leonard's return is just another game: 'It's just about trying to get better'

    Leonard will make his return to San Antonio on Thursday night
  • The @#%&* Democrats just can't stop with the profanity

    Far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib last week went on a profanity-laced tirade against President Trump. On just her first day in Congress, the Michigan Democrat spat out some vile bile against the president. "People love you and you win," Ms. Tlaib said to a group of supporters in a bar, captured
  • Patrick Mahomes is just getting started

    The season is over for Mahomes, but this isn’t the end. It’s the beginning. Patrick Mahomes just missed out on going to the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t take away from the ridiculous season that he had. 23 years old. First season as a starter. The likely NFL MVP. That’s unheard of. What we just saw in the AFC Championship game wasn’t just the Chiefs vs. the Patriots or Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady — it was a glimpse into the future of the league. Even with the Chiefs’ 37-31 overtime...
  • Progressives just can't stop harassing these nuns

    As the political Left continues what can only be characterized as invidious harassment against the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Left’s own hostility to basics of the American creed becomes apparent.

    Washington Examiner
  • Are You Mastering Your Craft or Just Getting Overwhelmed?

    Here's how to be intentional about self-improvement.

  • January blues? Just get the right eyeshadow

    Choose the colour to match your mood Beauty? What beauty? I’m in a mole hole trying to work out what January means. I’ve heard of these January blues, but I usually escape somewhere distant before they set in. A place where the sun kisses my face better. As I look at the tumultuous English Channel out of my window, I feel my eyes become as watery as what’s in view. Crash, bang, wallop, here come the blues Continue reading

    the Guardian
  • Everyone calm down, the Gillette ad is just fine

    A new commercial from Gillette opens with audio of chattering news reports about the #MeToo movement, bullying and "toxic masculinity." A narrator says in a sonorous (and masculine) voice: "Is this the best a man can get?" — a variation on the company's 30-year old motto. "Is it? We can't