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  • Newspapers should demand Trump resign. That's what they told Bill Clinton

    As the Trump presidency collapses in full view, with more than a dozen investigations closing in on him, the federal government locked in permanent shutdown mode, and still more questions being raised about his bizarre loyalty to the Kremlin, newspaper editorial boards all across the country ought to be loudly calling for the president's immediate resignation. The Trump-era corruption by itself is simply mind-boggling in its scale and audacity, and should be reason enough for clarion calls to...
  • Judith Miller: Why Bill Barr, Trump's Attorney General nominee has little to gain, but much to lose

    Bill Barr, 68, clearly wants the attorney general job. “Our institutions matter,” he said, without elaboration. He does not seem to fear his confirmation turning into an ugly, partisan brawl that could sully his reputation.

    Fox News
  • Pelosi said Trump thinks federal workers can ask their fathers for money -- meanwhile Coast Guard told to have garage sales

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi argued that President Donald Trump’s border wall is not a high-tech enough solution to border security and Democrats would prefer to spend money on something that is more effective than a campaign slogan. Trump admitted he walked out of a Wednesday meeting, unwilling to negotiate. According to Pelosi, Trump told the room that federal workers can ask their parents for money. “It is so sad that in a matter of hours,

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  • Money, money everywhere, but not a drop for ‘Trump’s wall’

    Special to By Larry Elder This is not our first partial government shutdown. Somehow, someway, from 1976 through 2017, the nation has survived 18 shutdowns, the longest lasting 21 days. In this case, President Donald Trump insists that the next budget deal contain $5 billion to construct a wall on part of our southern [

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  • Buzzfeed: Trump told Cohen to lie about Moscow Trump Tower plans

    Following Buzzfeed’s bombshell report that alleges President Trump instructed his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie about plans to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, Stephanie Ruhle breaks down if the president committed a crime and how this sets the stage for Michael Cohen’s testimony in February. Weighing in: Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and Politics Editor for, Jason Johnson.
  • Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress about Trump Tower Moscow deal with Putin

    “Trump received 10 personal updates from Michael Cohen and encouraged a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin,” says reporter Jason Leopold.

    Boing Boing
  • Republican Sen. Bill Cassidy to Introduce Bill to Stop Gavin Newsom from Spending Federal Money on Illegal Alien Healthcare

    Sen. Bill Cassidy, MD (R-LA) announced Tuesday that he will introduce legislation to block the State of California from using federal funds to expand Medi-Cal health care benefits to illegal aliens up to the age of 26. Gov. Gavin Newsom made the proposal to extend healhcare benefits to more illegal aliens on his first day in office on Monday. In his inaugural address, he also promised to provide “sanctuary to all who seek it,” a reference to illegal aliens. In response, Sen. Cassidy tweeted...