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  • Yes, there's been a stock market correction but that doesn't mean our economy is headed for a recession

    While many liberal commentators like to depict the recent stock market correction as a death knell for the Trump economy, financial markets and the broader economy aren't always in lock-step.

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  • The stock market's worst fears are coming true -- and Trump isn't helping: Bloomberg

    Economists have warned that a recession is on the horizon and President Donald Trump has an opportunity to soften the blow. Instead, he’s making it worse. Bloomberg News began its Thursday report on the economy by saying that the fundamentals aren’t looking as strong as they once did. The huge decline in Apple revenue sent the markets into a tumble, but Kevin Hassett, President Donald Trump’s chairman of the Economic Council of Advisors did little

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  • A critical corner of the stock market is reflecting fears that the economy is slowing down (GS)

    A handful of large bank stocks are cheaply valued right now. Some strategists say that bodes poorly for the broader market. The financials sector is the third-largest sector in the S&P 500, with a 13% weighting, behind technology (20%) and health care (15%). Banking conditions can be indicative of consumers' spending, lending, deal-making, and other economic activity. Goldman Sachs and Citi shares are trading at a relatively low price-to-book ratio, a measure of their valuations that...
  • Markets Right Now: US stocks open lower as sellers return

    The latest on developments in financial markets (all times local): 9:35 a.m. Wall Street's wild Christmas week goes on, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average slumping 300 points at the open Thursday, a day after notching its biggest-ever point gain. Volatility has been the norm in

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