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  • Canada’s Trudeau Shows Class-Warfare Tax Hikes Do Not Produce More Revenue

    I wrote yesterday about a handful of strange legal developments in Canada. In a display of balance, however, I noted in my conclusion that Canada in recent decades has been “very sensible” with regard to economic issues (spending restraint, welfare reform, corporate tax reform, bank bailouts, regulatory budgeting, the tax treatment of saving, school choice, and privatization of air traffic control). ...

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  • Minlend, Ferrari’s late 3 help San Francisco beat Pepperdine

    Charles Minlend scored 21 points and Frankie Ferrari hit a 3-pointer with 14.2 seconds left to help San Francisco beat Pepperdine 72-69 on Saturday night. Jimbo Lull tied his career

  • U.S. job gains seen picking up, may soothe jittery markets

    U.S. job growth likely picked up in December with wages expected to have increased solidly, which could help to allay a recent upsurge in fears about the economy's health that have roiled financial markets.