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  • Game of Thrones Final Season Teaser: Winter Will Officially Arrive on April 14

    Looks like you’ll only have to wait until April to find out, once and for all, who’s gonna win that sweet, sweet throne. According to a Stark-heavy teaser released by HBO on Sunday, Game of Thrones’ six-episode final season will officially premiere Sunday, April 14, at its regularly scheduled 9
  • 2019 NHL Winter Classic: Best photos from Blackhawks-Bruins outdoor game at Notre Dame Stadium

    The Blackhawks hosted the Bruins for the NHL's 11th Winter Classic
  • Open-world 'Star Wars' game reportedly scrapped, EA Games responds

    In the past 24 hours, EA Games’ in-development open-world Star Wars project — the one first announced in 2014 through Visceral Games — seemingly fell apart as reports came out about plans to instead pursue a smaller release within the studio. EA Games has since addressed the chatter, albeit with a rather cryptic statement. “There’s been speculation overnight about one of our Star Wars projects,” an EA spokesperson said. “As a natural part of the creative process, the great work by our team in...
  • Sex lives and video games: first exhibition of LGBTQ gaming history opens in Berlin

    Rainbow Arcade explores the cultural history of queer content and games, from Nintendo’s 1988 trans character to World of Warcraft’s pride parades From Birdo, the 1988 Nintendo character described in the manual as a boy who “thinks he is a girl”, to Robert Yang’s recent Radiator trilogy, which includes an autoerotic game about pleasuring a gay car, there’s a surprisingly rich history of queer content in gaming. However, these instances are rarely portrayed as part of broader LGBTQ culture....

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