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  • New book looks at history of special prosecutors

    Law professor and author Andrew Coan discusses his new book 'Prosecuting the President,' which looks at the history of special prosecutors in politics.
  • New legislative session brings more Democrats to Hartford

    The new Connecticut General Assembly will be solidly Democratic and include more members who call themselves progressive. Lawmakers return Wednesday to Hartford for opening day. With more lawmakers identifying as

  • New legislative session brings more Democrats to Hartford

    Not only will the Connecticut General Assembly be solidly Democratic when lawmakers convene Wednesday, it will also include more Democrats who call themselves progressive. While that could mean more support

  • The new Congress and the history of governing by a house divided

    As the 116th Congress convenes this week, power has shifted from Republican control of both the Senate and House to a Republican Senate and a Democratic House, poised to battle each other under a Republican president who is under fire. How can American political history help us anticipate what might be in the offing? Democrat Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco is the new speaker of the House. AP/Carolyn Kaster Congressional division means conflict The Democratic

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