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  • Can New Jersey Ban the Distribution of Computer Files That Can Help Make Guns?

    A hearing is scheduled on January 15 in a U.S. District Court in Austin, Texas, in a federal lawsuit over the state of New Jersey's law that bars distributing digital information that could assist in making a gun to anyone in that state who is not a registered or licensed gun manufacturer. Defense Distributed, a company founded by Cody Wilson, inventor of the first plastic 3D-printed pistol, and dedicated to distributing hardware and software aiding in home gunsmithing, is involved in a...
  • Kirsten Gillibrand Wants To Make America As “Awesome” As Troy, New York

    The New York senator kicked off her presidential campaign in a place she thinks is emblematic of the kind of values and optimism that can beat Trump. View Entire Post ›

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  • Americans Love Trail Mix. Can Kar's New Packaging Make Them Buy More of It?

    There is no consensus on what the classic American snack happens to be. Potato chips, beef jerky, pretzels--all are contenders. But this much is certain: If you're going to make a list of classic American snacks, then trail mix should definitely be on it. A blend of nuts, dried fruit and (usually) pieces of chocolate,

  • America's Insane Patchwork of Fireworks Regulations Can Crimp Your New Year's Eve Celebrations

    Millions of Americas will say goodbye to 2018 by setting off a few dozen of their favorite fireworks. What kind of fireworks they'll be able to use, how old they had to be to buy them, and whether they had to smuggle them across state lines are all highly contingent on where they live. Take age limits, which vary widely across the country. In "Live Free or Die" New Hampshire, you must be 21 before buying fireworks, while South Carolina law considers 16-year-olds capable of both buying and...