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  • Meet the Man Who Won World War II

    Warfare History Network, Michael D. Hull Security, Europe General George C. Marshall shaped the wartime U.S. Army and advised President Franklin D. Roosevelt throughout World War II. Shortly after the infamous accord on September 29, the president instituted a series of White House meetings at which he and his military advisers discussed the ominous situation in Europe. One of the early formal sessions was attended by the Assistant Secretary of War, the Solicitor General, the Secretary of the...

    The National Interest
  • Is there an actual gold mine under Charlotte? CuriousNC investigates.

    Christian Ciciarelli was golfing with an old friend one day when he heard about mysterious tunnels far below uptown Charlotte. “He said there are gold mines,” Ciciarelli recalls. It was … Click to Continue

  • Photo thought to be of Vincent van Gogh is actually his brother

    THE HAGUE, Netherlands — One of only two known photos of painter Vincent van Gogh turns out to most likely be an image of his brother, Theo, the Van Gogh Museum announced Thursday. Forensic testing by experts at Amsterdam University “confirmed the high likelihood of the boy in the photograph being the 15-year-old Theo van...

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