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  • At CES 2019, LG envisions a future in which AI makes your life much, much easier

    Your car, washing machine and fridge will know all about you, and will adjust to your preferences, the company says.

  • Dolphins will have to wait longer for Flores

    The Dolphins head coaching search will likely go on at least another week. The Dolphins top target is New England's passing game coordinator and linebackers coach Brian Flores. Flores helped lead the Patriots to a 41-28 win over the Chargers on Sunday. The Patriots will travel to Kansas City next Sunday. Flores, 37, impressed the Dolphins during the interview process. The team could not make a deal with Flores official until his season is over. ESPN's Adam Schefter reported on Sunday that the...

  • Do we really want a nationalistic future in space?

    The annals of science fiction are full of visions of the future. Some are techno-utopian like "Star Trek" in which humanity has joined together in peace to explore the cosmos. Others are dystopian, like the World State in "Brave New World." But many of these stories share one thing in common – they envision a time in which humanity has moved past narrow ideas of tribe and nationalism. That assumption might be wrong.
  • Want to see the future of travel? Head to Overtown

    Track hotel price reductions in real time. Instantly “travel back in time” at your destination through an augmented-reality headset. Book a croc-diving adventure. Those are just some of the new