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  • 'Bird Box' gave 'Stranger Things' season 2 a run for its money as Netflix's biggest original in the first week

    26 million US Netflix subscribers viewed "Bird Box" in its first seven days, according to Nielsen. It's Netflix's second-biggest original program in the first week, behind only "Stranger Things" season 2. Netflix said that "Bird Box" was its biggest original film in the first week of release, and Nielsen's data confirms that the movie is a massive hit. The "Bird Box" sensation continues. Netflix's popular movie, which has taken the internet over with memes since it debuted December 21, was...

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  • You Is a Gigantic Hit For Netflix, According to Netflix

    Netflix is suddenly getting chatty about viewing stats for its original films and TV shows. In a letter to shareholders Thursday, the streaming behemoth said its recently acquired-from-Lifetime thriller You will be streamed in an estimated 40 million homes within its first month on the service, while its new critically
  • Money, money everywhere, but not a drop for ‘Trump’s wall’

    Special to By Larry Elder This is not our first partial government shutdown. Somehow, someway, from 1976 through 2017, the nation has survived 18 shutdowns, the longest lasting 21 days. In this case, President Donald Trump insists that the next budget deal contain $5 billion to construct a wall on part of our southern [

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