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  • Dying of a broken heart is actually a thing

    Have you ever heard of older couples who die within a short span of each other? People often say the second person to go died of a broken heart. But did they really, truly die of a broken heart? Maybe. Maybe not. The truth of the matter is, broken heart syndrome is a real thing, and no one is immune to it. You may not be surprised to learn that broken heart syndrome is typically brought on by intense emotional or physical stress. And it can feel just like a heart attack. The difference? Well, in...

  • How running cured my anxiety – and a broken heart

    When my marriage ended, I realised that a lifetime of anxiety had left me unable to cope. Then I pulled on some old leggings and started jogging

    the Guardian
  • This artificial heart can save the youngest patients

    It takes a special heart pump to keep the youngest patients alive long enough to get a new heart.

  • 18 Comfortable Heels You Can Actually Dance In

    Get ready to put on your dancing shoes. If you're in the market for a pair of heels that you can actually bust a move in, we've got some ideas. First up: ankle straps. This style of footwear not only looks cute and gives your outfit a bit of a vintage feel, but will also save your feet by providing extra support so that when your favorite song comes on you don't have to hold anything back on the dance floor. If you can't live without height, consider platforms as an option. This retro style can...