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  • More than half of the global population is now online with 3.9 billion people connected

    The UN agency for information and communication technologies, ITU, said that by the end of 2018 a full 51.2 percent of people around the world will be using the world-wide web.

    Mail Online
  • Niantic targets $3.9-billion valuation

    Niantic Inc., the company behind the popular game Pokémon Go, is looking to catch a $3.9 billion valuation.

  • 3.9 billion people using internet worldwide

    More than half of the world’s population of nearly eight billion will be using the internet by the end of 2018, reaching a milestone in the digital revolution, according to the United Nations telecommunications agency. by Pia Lee-Brago
  • Disney Pegs Hulu’s Value At $9.3 Billion

    Hulu is now worth $9.26 billion — the value the Walt Disney Co. assigned the streaming service in a recent regulatory filing. Disney laid out the valuation of Hulu as part of an SEC filing today, in which it provides a trove of details about its planned merger with 21st Century Fox in a deal valued at $71.3 billion. (Today’s financial data dump is artfully timed to fall after the market closes and on the eve of national holiday, in a PR strategy to discourage close…