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  • The high-tech grooming gadgets you need in your routine

    Now's the time to fill your bathroom cabinet with some innovative tools
  • High Performance Driver Education is the ticket to speed

    You don't have to be a race car driver to go fast.

    Fox News
  • The 50 most high-tech cities in the world in 2018

    Silicon Valley may be home to huge tech companies like Google and Facebook, but the San Francisco metro area isn't the most innovative city in the world, according to annual rankings compiled by data firm 2thinknow. Instead, the top spot belongs to Tokyo, Japan, according to the 2018 Innovation Cities Index. This is the first time that an Asian city has claimed the title as world's most innovative city since 2thinknow first started compiling the annual rankings in 2007. Of the top 50, the city...

    Business Insider