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  • TRUMP: I'll Get the Military to Build the Wall if Congress Won't Fund It

    Despite some wins for the Dems in November, Donald Onward Trump has spelled out his determination to get the much-touted wall built, by any means necessary. A couple weeks ago, Trump told The Washington Post he had a backup plan if Democrats balked, although he noted that they may be willing to vote for funding (please see here). On Tuesday — in anticipation | Read More

  • US Military Faces a Crisis and Needs More Money, Report to Congress Warns

    Yuval RosenbergNovember 14, 2018America’s military superiority “has eroded to a dangerous degree,” leaving the national security “at greater risk...

    The Fiscal Times
  • Congress is blocking Charter change

    Because of many years of frustration I was not sure what next to do to achieve Charter change. by Carmen N. Pedrosa
  • The Only Regime Change That Is Needed Is In Washington

    Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Ron Paul Institute, One of the things to look forward to in the upcoming holiday season is the special treats that one is allowed to sample. Fruitcake and nuts are Thanksgiving and Christmas favorites. They usually come in tins or special packages but it seems that this season some of the nuts have escaped and have fled to obtain sanctuary from the Trump Administration. Currently, there is certainly a wide range of nuts available on display in the West Wing....

    Zero Hedge