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  • E-Mails With Graphic Anti-Gun Messages, Sent to Gun Rights Activist, Weren't Threats

    From Hammer v. Sorensen (M.D. Fla.), decided Monday: The plaintiff Marion P. Hammer, a nationally known advocate for gun rights, asserts that she received threatening emails from each of the four defendants. One, Lawrence T. Sorensen, has moved to dismiss for lack of subject matter jurisdiction and for failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted. This order dismisses the claims against Mr. Sorensen for failure to state a claim. The dismissal does not affect the claims against the...
  • Deconstructing the Anti-Gun Cult

    It's alarming how frequently these zealots manipulate�data to craft a narrative that America is held hostage to pervasive gun violence.
  • Anti-Semite who is too anti-Semitic for an anti-Semite safe space is still on YouTube

    Anti-Semite Patrick Little has pulled off a rare feat: getting one of the most far-right friendly sites on the internet to ban him. The wannabe politician has regularly launched stunts like his “Name the Jew” tour, during which he crossed the country spewing anti-Semitic bile with a sign reading, “Jews Rape Kids.” He also unsuccessfully ran […]

  • Wichita gets anti-gun violence mural sponsored by Toms

    WICHITA, Kan. (AP) - Wichita's newest mural is among several pieces of outdoor artwork to be painted throughout the Midwest as a part of a national campaign to end gun violence. Oklahoma artists Daniel Gulick and Anthony Carrera painted the Wichita mural Wednesday for Toms' gun violence awareness campaign, the