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  • Tamal Ray’s recipe for gingerbread pudding

    Stave off the January blues with this piping hot pud full of warming spices Christmas is over. It’s a new year. There are a few scant crumbs of mince pie and half a bottle of prosecco left in the fridge to remind you of the season just passed. But before your mind starts to turn to thoughts of a dry January, detoxes or juice cleanses, allow yourself one more little indulgence. It’s going to be cold, damp and dark for a good while yet, so what better way to stave off the winter blues than a...

    the Guardian
  • Tamal Ray’s recipe for quick chocolate and pistachio macaroons

    Blissful, chewy macaroons that take only 15 minutes to prep and 10 to cook A few years ago, while in the throes of yet another health kick, I bought a new blender; one of those fancy ones that promises to provide you with an endless supply of delicious, healthy smoothies. Though I quickly grew bored with drinking dubiously coloured, pureed salads, I soon found new uses for the blender. In the summer it churns out the best iced coffees. But I also found it was perfect for grinding nuts into a...

    the Guardian
  • Betches Is Launching a New Dating App That Lets You Pick Dates for Your Friends

    Betches, the digital media brand geared toward women, is looking to get into the love business. Specifically, it's launching a new dating app called Ship that allows users to vet prospects with their friends, a capability the app's creators hope will set it apart in a virtual sea of dating apps. The app will let

  • 'Dating Sunday': The busiest day of the year for online dating is Jan. 6

    Experts say this Sunday will be the best time to find love online because there will be more singles looking than any other time of the year.