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  • Xiu Xiu Announce New Album Girl with Basket of Fruit, Share First Single "Scisssssssors"

    Beehive drum machines, tectonic bass hits and Stewart's terrified whispers make for an interesting listen, to say the least.
  • New Zayn album revealed: 'Icarus Falls' gets release date, new single

    Zayn is revving up for the release of his sophomore album and new info has come to light, including the project’s title, release date, and new single. Following Mind of Mine in 2016, the ex-One Direction-er is continuing with Icarus Falls, the title for which popped up on Apple Music this week touting 27 tracks. In addition to the previously released “Let Me,” “Sour Diesel,” “Entertainer,” “No Candle No Light (feat. Nicki Minaj),” “Fingers,” and “Too Much (feat. Timbaland),” the album features a...
  • The Chainsmokers sing about Beach House, the band, on "Beach House," the song

    The Chainsmokers, the Alpha Betas of EDM, are back with a new song to slam nerds into lockers to. Though it sounds no different than their typical three-chord bombast, it does break the duo’s sweat-flecked mold by name-checking a much better band: Beach House. The Baltimore dream-pop outfit appear in the opening lines of the song (also titled “Beach House”): “Woke up on the west side/ Listening to Beach House, taking my time.”