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  • Stop Making Excuses for Saudi War Criminals

    When we strip away the nonsense that defenders of the U.S.-Saudi relationship use to justify continued support for a bad, reckless client, we find that there is very little substance left.

    The American Conservative
  • Britain’s deep ties to Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen

    The Ministry of Defence must be asked urgent questions about its knowledge of Saudi Arabia’s attacks in Yemen, says Mark Lattimer In your welcome editorial on UK and western complicity in violations of civilian rights by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen (12 November), you point out that “until we stop selling arms and sharing intelligence, we remain complicit”. UK support for Saudi Arabia’s conduct in Yemen goes a lot further than that. According to the summary of the high court in June 2017,...

    the Guardian
  • Shame on N.J.? Nope. Shame on ICE for letting criminals loose

    The message is clear: Let ICE do its job, and let the fire inspectors and the cops do theirs. New Jersey's sensible new policy on immigration enforcement has elicited the predictable histrionics, mostly from President Trump's propaganda machine at Fox News and some miffed bureaucrats. No, this will not "handcuff cops from arresting illegal immigrants," as Fox's Laura Ingraham claims. Anyone who breaks the law will still be arrested, regardless of their immigration...
  • War Criminal HW Bush In His Own Words

    Bush Sr. lays out the NWO agenda.