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  • Woman killed after fleeing suspect hits car in Akron

    AKRON, Ohio– A woman died after a fleeing suspect hit her car in Akron Monday night. It started when police pulled over a vehicle in a residential area at about 8 p.m. that was reportedly stolen. During the traffic stop, the suspect took off and a short chase began, authorities told FOX 8. The pursuit was terminated and the suspect kept going. At Packard Drive and Slosson Street, the suspect struck the woman’s car. Witnesses said her vehicle rolled several times, [
  • Drunk driver, 55, smashes his car into a POLICE STATION

    Officers heard the silver Mazda 3 slam into bollards outside Wythenshawe police station in the early hours of this morning.

    Mail Online
  • Suspected Drunk Driver Survives Crash That Rips Car In Half

    Police in Aurora say that a driver, suspected of being drunk, survived a car crash that ripped the vehicle in half. The crash happened on Interstate 225 early Monday morning.

  • Robbery suspect caught after fleeing his moving car during police chase

    A man in Washington was accused of stealing a slew of items and once police were on his tail he decided to bail out of his own moving vehicle. Only problem- he ended up running himself over.

    Mail Online