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  • Conservatives launch campaign to help low-paid women

    Penny Mordaunt to unveil new initiative to help ‘every woman in the UK do what she wants to do’ The Conservatives are shifting their focus to unemployed and low-paid women as cabinet minister Penny Mordaunt unveils a drive to improve their lives. The women and equalities minister is due to announce the change in approach on Wednesday, claiming that there has been significant progress in closing the gender pay gap and getting more female executives on company boards, but low-paid and low-skilled...

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  • Apple launches new Entrepreneurship Camp for women with app-driven businesses

    Soon, women will have the chance to attend a new Entreprenuer Camp hosted in Cupertino that is designed to help app-driven businesses that are ownered or stewarded by women.

  • 20 Stylish Flats That Prove Comfortable Shoes Can Mean Business Too

    A fashion editor picked the most on-trend, comfy, and professional-looking styles of flats for work so you can fill up your shopping carts wisely.

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  • Women feel better when they work with other women

    The #metoo movement has brought the widespread sexual harassment experienced by women in the workplace to the fore. Women in traditionally male jobs and workplaces are even more likely to experience gender discrimination and sexual harassment. This has been described as "the 'manly' jobs problem."
  • Apple launches all-new Entrepreneur Camp focused on app-driven businesses led by women

    Alongside the return of its Hour of Code classes, Apple is launching an all-new Entrepreneur Camp that is focused on creating new opportunities based on app-driven businesses owned or led by women. more… The post Apple launches all-new Entrepreneur Camp focused on app-driven businesses led by women appeared first on 9to5Mac.

  • Give Women Your Money: Shoppable spreadsheet of women-led businesses

    Editor's note: We love this one-stop spreadsheet of women-led businesses created by Krystal Plomatos, and encourage you to share it with friends and family. Give women your money, this holiday season and beyond. I SPEND A LOT OF TIME OBSESSING about two things: how more women can get more money and power, and brands. I’m a brand strategist by day. “Give Women Your Money” is my way of making it easier for women to find, shop, and help scale women-led businesses. It’s a “shoppable spreadsheet”...

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  • What does this vote of no confidence mean?

    Our panel discuss the chaos in the Conservative party as Tory MPs trigger a vote of no confidence in Theresa May Continue reading

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