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  • Mexico's new president says he'll fly commercial

    Can you imagine boarding a commercial flight and finding out the person sitting next to you is the President of Mexico? It could actually happen. It's only been three days since Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador took office, but some of his campaign promises are already in motion. During his leftist bid for presidency, Lopez Obrador vowed to sell the presidential plane -- a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner TP-01 -- and use the proceeds to help his country's poorer communities. "I will not get...

  • Immigration Won't Spark a Civil War: New at Reason

    Reihan Salam is not a grim guy. In fact, he comes across as preternaturally ebullient in person. Yet his book Melting Pot or Civil War?: A Son of Immigrants Makes the Case Against Open Borders predicts a dark future for this nation of nations if it doesn't rethink its immigration policies to keep out the wretched and huddled masses. Salam admits no costs or unintended consequences to his program—only benefits that, in his telling, include making the country more socially cohesive, as...
  • Trump ultimatum sparks fears of new arms race

    President Trump's ultimatum to Russia over a landmark arms control treaty could potentially kill the pact and set the stage for more land-based cruise missiles and nuclear warheads in Europe, experts and Democrat lawmakers warn.

  • Derek Fisher looks to rebound as new coach of Sparks

    Are you running the triangle offense? As his on-stage companions laughed, Derek Fisher started to answer. “That’s a good question,” he said with a smile. “I’m not going to tell everybody what we’ll be doing before we see us.” Fisher paused to chuckle. He was fired from his previous coaching assignment
  • Polio-like disease sparks new sense of urgency

    (Reuters Health) - Back in 2014, as Dr. Riley Bove's family was just getting over a respiratory virus, her 4-year-old son suddenly developed some very scary symptoms. "He woke up with a paralyzed arm, neck and shoulder," said Bove, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco. "I got him right into care. Over the course of the next eight days he continued to get worse and was eventually paralyzed from the face down to his toes."

  • Trump, Pelosi spark a new power relationship in Washington

    They haven't spoken in days, not since President Donald Trump called to congratulate Nancy Pelosi on Democrats' election night win. But they don't really need to. Trump and Pelosi go … Click to Continue

  • 13 Sparkly New Year's Eve Outfits That Aren't Overdone

    At the turn of the year, you can always count on sparkly New Year's Eve outfits to make their appearance. Avoid looking like the rest, and wear these.

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