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  • Seth Meyers makes his extended family work, make fun of each other on Thanksgiving

    While most late-night hosts take Thanksgiving off because they love their families or whatever, Late Night’s Seth Meyers has a different tradition for the holiday. In that he invites his family to schlep all the way from New Hampshire to appear on his TV show so they can tell embarrassing Meyers family anecdotes, goof on each other, and generally be the sort of loving and adorable people that seem too good to be true. (Especially for a comedian.) Oh, and Meyers films his kids (Ashe and Axel) in...

  • Some Dave Matthews Band fans make it hard to make my fandom public

    Welcome to No Shame November! This week we're diving into the pop culture we love that society tells us we shouldn't. I love Dave Matthews Band. They're my favorite band of all time, but sometimes I think that people will think less of me if I make that information public. Over the years, fans of Dave Matthews Band have garnered a negative reputation: frat bros, sloppy drunks, and people who are more interested in partying than listening to music at shows. Sometimes I'm worried that if I wear a...

  • Why jiggly makes us giggly: Researchers reveal why some words make us laugh

    From jiggly to bubby, researchers have ranked the 10 funniest terms in the English language, based on ratings of nearly 5,000 words. They've also revealed what makes some funnier than others.

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