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  • Middle school chorus surprises teacher at wedding rehearsal

    It took months of planning, weekend rehearsals, early-release permissions and a 30-mile bus ride, but students were able to deliver a simple message to their favorite teacher.

  • Middle school bullying worse in counties that backed Trump

    Incidents of racist bullying increased at schools in counties that backed President Donald Trump — and actually decreased in areas carried by Hillary Clinton. Anecdotal evidence from around the country showed teenagers invoking Trump’s name or his proposed border wall to taunt classmates, and some researchers studied a statewide survey in Virginia to determine whether the election was linked to these incidents, reported the New York Times. The state’s public school students complete online...

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  • Teacher strike delayed in second-largest US school district

    LOS ANGELES (AP) " The union representing teachers in Los Angeles " the nation's second-largest school district " postponed the start of a strike until Monday because of the possibility of a court-ordered delay of a walkout.United Teachers Los Angeles previously said its 35,000 members would walk off the job Thursday for the first time in 30 years if a deal wasn't reached on higher pay and smaller class sizes.However, a judge was considering Wednesday whether the union gave [

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