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  • Cop arrested after allegedly boarding flight drunk

    An off-duty Florida police officer has been arrested after allegedly being forced off an airplane because he was drunk and battered an airline staffer. Pinellas County Sheriff's officials say 51-year-old … Click to Continue

  • Over 400 rookie cops undergo training in Region 12

    Hundreds of rookie police officers in Region 12 just underwent internal security schooling to ensure efficiency in addressing crimes and violent religious extremism. by John Unson
  • The 12 most ridiculous and infuriating reasons people called the cops this year

    People consistently called the police for frivolous reasons this year. Often, the calls were racially motivated and there were several examples of white people calling the cops on black people for no clear reason.  These events have gone viral lately now that virtually everyone has a camera on their phone. One of America's most consistent pastimes seems to be calling the police on each other no good reason whatsoever. This year was no exception. In almost every case, the unwarranted police...

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