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  • Nurse arrested over Arizona care home patient pregnancy

    A nurse has been charged with rape after a severely disabled woman gave birth in care home in Arizona.

    The Telegraph
  • Manny Pacquiao's home burglarized while he fought in Las Vegas

    Manny Pacquiao’s Hancock Park home was burglarized this weekend while he was retaining his welterweight title with a convincing victory over Adrien Broner, two members of his promotional company said Sunday. Pacquiao’s spokesman Fred Sternburg confirmed police Sunday night were investigating the
  • CES 2019: EyeQue's glasses test you can do at home

    EyeQue's smartphone accessory lets owners order new glasses without having to see an optician.
  • Schoolgirls in Kenya to face compulsory tests for pregnancy and FGM

    Girls in Narok County will be made to reveal identities of babies’ fathers and tell police about female genital mutilation Plans to subject schoolgirls in Kenya to mandatory tests for female genital mutilation and pregnancy are a violation of victims’ privacy, campaigners have warned. All girls returning to school this week in Narok, Kenya, will be examined at local health facilities as part of a countywide crackdown. Continue reading

    the Guardian