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  • WATCH: Let the bargain hunting begin

    Black Friday deals, Uber launches its bike sharing service and Martha Stewart has a rough ride.

    ABC News
  • Letting felons vote is cause to be thankful

    For anyone who cares about politics and government, it is easier to find reasons to complain than to give thanks this year. The Republicans have to deal with losing the House of Representatives. Democrats have to deal with the continued presence of Donald Trump. Independents have to deal with Republicans...
  • The Trailer: The voting wars aren't over. They're just beginning.

    In this edition: The voting wars of 2018 are rolling into the voting wars of 2020, as both parties prepare to play hardball from their differing camps. And as Republicans wash into the sea in Orange County, focus turns to 2020 states like New Hampshire, where a new landscape awaits the 2020 candidates. Meantime, another threat to Democratic unity?