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  • Dozens of Amazon packages dumped on woman’s driveway

    SOUTH WINDSOR, Ct. — A Connecticut woman was forced to play Santa after dozens of packages were mysteriously dumped in her driveway. It’s an experience that’s now making her think twice about shopping online. Barbara Andriks said she found a container full of Amazon packages in her driveway on Wednesday. “I unzipped it and I saw all these names and addresses of people around me and in East Hartford,” Andriks said. She sifted through more than 20 packages and she says […]

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  • A migrant woman from Honduras crossed the border into the U.S. — then she had a baby

    Maryury Serrano Hernandez, a migrant from Honduras, said giving birth in the U.S. was a "big reward" for the family's grueling journey.

    Global News
  • Woman, Baby Girl Killed by Grizzly Bear at Cabin in Yukon

    A grizzly bear killed a woman and her 10-month-old baby girl at their cabin in remote northwest Canada this week, NBC News reported. Gjermund Roesholt found the bodies of his wife, local teacher Valerie Theoret, and their daughter Adele on Monday around 3 p.m., according to the chief coroner of the Yukon. Holy Cow! Huge Steer Too Beefy to Become Burgers Goes Viral The bear charged at Roesholt as he returned to the cabin from fur trapping. He fatally shot the animal, the coroner said, then...