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  • Obama Wants the Credit: 'Just Say Thank You, Please'

    A theme has begun to materialize in recent appearances by former President Barack Obama: he's not getting the credit he deserves.

    Washington Free Beacon
  • Make Time to Help a Caregiver Out (or Just Say Thanks)

    Chances are pretty good that you know a caregiver who could use a break. As National Family Caregivers Month winds down, here are some practical ways you can show your support to these very important people.
  • The nuclear threat is rising. Europe cannot just stand and watch

    The danger is clear with Putin building up his forces, Trump pulling out of treaties and the ever-present terrorist risk A hundred years after the armistice that ended the first world war heads of state and government gathered in France this month to commemorate the centenary and attend the opening of the Paris Peace Forum. The object of the forum – to spur international cooperation on global challenges to durable peace – is more essential than ever. But the meeting took place against a...

    the Guardian