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  • Narcos: Mexico Recap: Burn, Baby, Burn

    The big question at the center of Narcos: Mexico has been just when and how Kiki and Gallardo’s paths will cross, and in “Just Say No,” the other shoe has finally dropped. It’s a big deal — and there’s a lot of action leading up to it — which makes ... More
  • Sweden extends smoking ban with bid to become smoke free by 2025

    Sweden is banning outdoor smoking in most public places, including playgrounds, outdoor restaurants and train station platforms. The Riksdagen voted yesterday to extend the smoking ban, which currently applies to bars and restaurants, from July next year. Smoking is currently allowed in designated smoking areas in most workplaces and public places. According to the new law, the goal is to make the Scandinavian country smoke-free by 2025.

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  • California Wildfire Smoke: What Is an N95 Smoke Mask? How Long Does It Last? How Do You Use It?

    Paper or surgical masks will not protect against the harmful particles in the air caused by wildfires.