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  • Utility: Weather didn't warrant power shut off as fire raged

    Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said in a new filing with the state that it determined weather conditions were no longer dangerous enough to warrant a massive power shut off on Nov. 8 _ a decision that came as a massive fire was tearing through a town.
  • Queensland bushfires: 'catastrophic' conditions fuel more than 100 fires

    Eight thousand residents of Gracemere have been urged to leave as schools were closed because of the fire threat Eight thousand residents of Gracemere in central Queensland have been urged to leave as a sudden wildfire bears down on homes in catastrophic fire conditions. A large fire sparked shortly before 3pm on Wednesday has raced towards Gracemere, prompting authorities to issue a complete evacuation of the community just south of Rockhampton. Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • As fires rage in California, hope and humanity come together

    Despite its enormous scale and destruction, the California wildfires, which currently have displaced thousands of people, and killed nearly 80, have hardly made the top of the news cycle. To paraphrase one Twitter user, the lack of focused narrative and the incredible amount of damage makes the event difficult to describe, let alone trumpet on the evening news. With nearly 1,000 people missing due to the Camp Fire in Northern California and almost 100,000 acres burned in Southern California's...

    Washington Examiner