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  • Amazon tests delivery robots

    Amazon is testing a wheeled robotic delivery vehicle in a Snohomish County, Wash., neighborhood, the company said Wednesday. Amazon Scout, a six-wheeled, cooler-sized electric vehicle, resembles other new approaches to last-mile delivery from competitors such as Starship Technologies. Sean Scott, an Amazon executive in charge of Scout, said in a blog post that the vehicles were developed at the company's Seattle research and development lab, "ensuring the devices can safely and efficiently...

  • Burglarlies Test Westville Businesses

    After a spate of burglaries, Westville Village businesses are on the lookout for people trying to break into their stores and offices, while moving ahead with a revival of the commercial neighborhood.

    New Haven Independent
  • Pargo delivery service tested

    We placed an order with a local retailer and selected Pargo as the delivery method – this is how it works.