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  • While Congress Dallies, Coalition Ready to Write Check for Border Security: ‘It’s Not Trump’s Wall, It’s America’s Wall’

    A diverse coalition of Americans announced it is partnering with law enforcement across the country and working with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to direct funds to the agency for the construction of a border wall.

  • The Guardian view on May’s Brexit deal: it’s over, but what’s next?

    The PM leads a party that is divided and a country stockpiling food and medicines as if preparing for war. She needs to humbly reach out to her opponents and find a way to prevent Britain crashing out of the EU in weeks The overwhelming and decisive rejection by MPs of Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement to leave the European Union is a shattering blow to the authority of the prime minister. She has spent two years negotiating a deal, which in substance was the opposite of what she said she...

    the Guardian
  • Kevin Shattenkirk’s revival could hasten his Rangers exit

    There have been false starts before with Kevin Shattenkirk — actually, his year and half with the Rangers has essentially been a false start, hasn’t it? — but it feels like there is something different about the defenseman’s revival over the last week or so. It has been understated — routine, even — the way

    New York Post