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  • Xiaomi’s flexible phone is real and puts Samsung and Royole to shame

    Xiaomi president Bin Lin has confirmed the rumors that the company is working on "the world's first double-folding phone" by sharing a video of himself demoing the device. In his Weibo post, Bin Lin mentioned that Xiaomi will consider mass producing the device if consumers give positive feedback, but he is already crowdsourcing potential names for it. Read more

  • Foldable Xiaomi phone appears on video with company’s co-founder

    A new video has surfaced of Xiaomi's foldable device. This time, Lin Bin, the company's co-founder and president is demonstrating it on camera. It isn't entirely clear whether the video was intended to be released or not - but whatever the case may be - we have a closer look at Xiaomi's foldable phone. The video below was reposted to YouTube from Chinese social network Weibo. This appears to be the same device we saw in a short hands-on video tweeted by @evleaks earlier this month. The...
  • Xiaomi’s first ‘slider’ phone, the Mi Mix 3, starts rolling out globally

    Chinese smartphone giant Xiaomi is beginning the global rollout of the Mi Mix 3, its first slider phone, designed to replace that awful notch.

  • U.S. Charges 2 With Hacking Into S.E.C. System in Stock-Trading Scheme

    Federal prosecutors in New Jersey said the men had breached a Securities and Exchange Commission database to obtain information about companies that was not yet public.