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  • Performer of the Week: Mahershala Ali

    THE PERFORMER | Mahershala Ali THE SHOW | True Detective  THE EPISODE | “The Great War and Modern Memory” (Jan. 13, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | We can count on each season of True Detective to deliver a few things: intensely moody cinematography, a creepy murder case full of twists

  • Performer of the Week: Jaimie Alexander

    THE PERFORMER | Jaimie Alexander THE SHOW | Blindspot THE EPISODE | “Check Your Ed” (Jan. 11, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | After lying dormant for the last three months, Jane Doe made a long overdue return to Blindspot in its winter premiere — and Alexander wrung every last emotion out of her character’s intense comeback. [

  • Performer of the Week: Tosin Cole

    THE PERFORMER | Tosin Cole THE SHOW | Doctor Who THE EPISODE | “Resolution” (Jan. 1, 2019) THE PERFORMANCE | Since the Season 11 premiere, when 19-year-old Ryan Sinclair lost the nan who’d raised him since his mother died and his father, Aaron, failed to show up for the funeral, we’ve known how much pain this estranged relationship has brought Ryan. But in Doctor [

  • What’s up this week in Charlotte’s visual arts?

    Where to go There is an art to being a teaching artist; it’s not just about knowing the techniques and materials. Sharpen your skills as an arts educator and connect