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  • The Best Headphones 2019

    There's an endless selection of headphones out there and finding the right pair can be an arduous process. Taking in consideration audio quality, convenience, comfort and price point, here are our picks for best over-the-ear, wireless, in-ear, noise cancelling, gaming, sports and budget headphones.

  • The best stocks of 2018

    The stock market had a miserable 2018, but some companies bucked the trend to post an exceptionally good year. Of the 505 companies in the S&P 500, only 160 managed to post a positive year in 2018. That's less than a third — not surprising when the S&P 500 is down 7%, on its way to the worst year since the Great Recession. Still, companies from Abiomed to Zoetis and dozens of companies in between managed to post strong gains. Businesses as diverse as Macy's and McCormick were up in...

  • Best of Journalism 2018

    Pity the honest media critic.

    Fox News