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  • Xi Jinping will Give Donald Trump a Victory on Trade

    Graham Allison economy, Americas Expect Trump to declare a “triumph” in a great trade deal that will feature China’s purchase of more than a trillion dollars of additional U.S. products. With the conclusion of the first round of negotiations yesterday in Beijing, the way ahead for the United States and China to avoid a full-scale tariff war has become clear. With fifty days remaining before the March 1 end of the truce Trump and Xi announced to prevent U.S. tariffs increasing from 10 to 25...

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  • Donald Trump: Furloughed workers will get back pay

    President Trump Wednesday assured federal workers sidelined by the partial government shutdown that they'll get paid retroactively. "They're all going to get the money and I think they're going to be happy," he told reporters at the White House on the 19th day of the shutdown. About 800,000 federal workers
  • Donald Trump Will Get Chance to Pick World Bank's Chief

    What happens when our economic nationalist president gets to pick the head of one of the world's top globalist institutions? We may be about to find out. | Economy

  • Will Donald Trump get to pick the next president of the World Bank? Maybe not.

    And if the U.S. president doesn't get to choose, it would be a first for the World Bank.