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  • 'The Rider' named best film by National Society of Film Critics

    A few votes made the difference when the National Society of Film Critics assembled to name the best film of 2018. That distinction, as formally revealed on Saturday, goes to the second feature from indie directing talent Chloé Zhao, The Rider. Brady Jandreau’s story of a rising rodeo star sidelined because of an accident inspired the film, and Jandreau also stars as the lead, cowboy Brady Blackburn. The Rider went unnoticed by most mainstream audiences, but it quietly earned honors from the...
  • My Oscar goes to... Our film critics reveal their personal shortlists

    Ahead of the official Academy nominations, the Observer’s critics pick their own winners Continue reading

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  • How Jared Kushner Tried to Stop Me From Running the Trump Transition

    I’d been around politics long enough to grasp what was happening. Jared was trying—and not so subtly—to derail my appointment as transition chairman.

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  • Lost in translation: why Hollywood can't stop remaking foreign films

    The Upside and Miss Bala are the latest in a long line of slick, Americanised versions of breakout foreign language hits and arrive ahead of many, many more For a viewer already familiar with the French film The Intouchables, watching its newly released American remake The Upside can often feel like one of those games challenging you to spot the differences between two seemingly identical photos. The core of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy white man and a black ex-con has been kept...

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