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  • Hillary Clinton's New Year's Post: 2018 Was 'a Dark Time for Our Country'

    Former 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton penned a gloomy farewell to 2018 on Instagram Monday, calling the year "a dark time for our country."

  • It's time to start eating roadkill

    This story was originally published by High Country News. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. My mother texts me four photos of a dead moose the week I leave Alaska. It is freshly hit. The pebbled pink brains fanning across the pavement have not yet grayed in the brisk autumn air. The animal will not [

    Mother Jones
  • Pollak: Time to Scrap the FBI and Start Over

    The FBI, as such, may never recover the public trust. The best solution may be to scrap the FBI and start fresh with a reorganized agency under a new name and with an improved commitment to neutrality and accountability.

  • Morgan Stanley: It's Time To Start Selling Again

    Heading into the end of the of 2018, Morgan Stanley's chief equity strategist Michael Wilson - best known for his "rolling bear market" call and his accurate claim that BTFD no longer works - made a good, bearish call

    Zero Hedge
  • The Crash Of The "Everything Bubble" Started In 2018

    Authored by Brandon Smith via, In 2018, a very significant economic change occurred which sealed the fate of the U.S. economy as well as numerous other economies around the globe. This change was the reversal of central bank policy. The era of stimulus and artificial support of various markets, including stocks, is beginning to fade away as the Federal Reserve pursues policy tightening, including higher interest rates and larger cuts to its balance sheet. I warned of this change...

    Zero Hedge
  • Weather: Cold start with breaks of sun at times

    A few flurries lingering around this morning, otherwise a cold start to your Friday.  Temperatures have dropped to around 20° this morning with wind chills in the teens.  Quiet today with breaks of sun at times.  It’s going to be another cold one today with temperatures topping in the upper 20’s, about 5° below average. Next up, the chance of snow on the way Saturday afternoon.  Everyone will get a chance of an inch or so of snow with this [
  • Instagram lets you post on multiple accounts at the same time

    The feature is apparently only available for iOS users so far.