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  • Women aren't failing at science — science is failing women

    Female research scientists are more productive than their male colleagues, though they are widely perceived as being less so. Women are also rewarded less for their scientific achievements. That’s according to my team’s study for United Nations University – Merit on gender inequality in scientific research in Mexico, published as a working paper in December 2016. The study, part of the project “Science, Technology and Innovation Gender Gaps and their Economic Costs in Latin America and the...

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  • ‘March for ALL Women’ Counters Women’s March: ‘We Are Not Victims’

    The March for ALL Women, a project of the Independent Women’s Forum, took place on the sidelines of the Women's March on Saturday in D.C.

  • How the March for Life and the Women's March value women differently

    The March for Life values a woman's ability to be a mother and doesn't put her at odds with the children in her womb. The Women’s March, on the other hand, specifically advocates the idea that legalized, unrestricted abortion is necessary to achieve “collective liberation” for women.

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