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  • Top 5 rejected Top 5s of the year (2018 edition)

    Not every topic manages to get the full Top 5 treatment. Find out what could come next year and what will never see the light of day.

  • My Top Stories of 2018 (What Are Yours?)

    As I look over the stories I’ve covered for RedState in 2018, I have certainly have favorites. Here’s my list — the Top 34, in the order they were posted. That’s 34 — like the number of the 20th century’s most amazing athlete: Bo Jackson. Anyway, if you didn’t catch some of these, I hope you’ll do that now. Please leave your comments | Read More

  • Top Stories of 2018

    The depths of Larry Nassar’s depravity began to emerge some 15 months before the calendar flipped to 2018 – when reports of his sexual abuse first appeared in newspaper stories that would eventually lead to a trial and, ultimately, to the doctor’s imprisonment.
  • Top basketball stories in 2018

    Here are the next five top basketball stories in the Philippines for 2018. by Joaquin Henson
  • Top basketball stories in 2018

    As usual, basketball was the talk of the town among Filipino sports fans in 2018. by Joaquin Henson
  • Top news of 2018: Q4

    Premium prices should come with premium quality. There are always issues with large scales mass production though and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro was the latest to experience it - its screen had a green glow seen in the dark. That wasn't the company's biggest headache this year, however, as the USA pushed its allies to drop its products. When the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro arrived at the office readers were eager to see it unboxed and reviewed. The launch of the Mi Mix 3 was Xiaomi's other win in Q4 in...
  • The Top 20 most popular phones of 2018

    We are sending away 2018 and we look back and see what were the most popular phones over the past year. While there are 20 phones in the yearly selection, the list of manufacturers is scarce. To be more precise, two out of every three devices come from either Xiaomi or Samsung. Samsung brought us 7 of the most popular phones in 2018 - hardly a surprise that the world's largest manufacturer dominates the popularity chart. Somewhat less expected is that Xiaomi got 6. Last year, the number...