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  • First lady Melania Trump: Style Diary


  • Melania Trump as role model: First Lady is her own woman

    by WorldTribune Staff, January 9, 2019 Melania Trump’s “sense of self-worth is not reliant on whether or not she’s on the cover of Vogue or invited to certain cocktail parties,” a columnist noted. The first lady “is her own woman – strong, independent, and won’t be bullied. And for today’s liberals and Democrats, that is [

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  • On First Day In Office, Muslim Congresswoman Slams Trump

    One of America's first two Muslim congresswomen has explained in succinct and direct words exactly what the new "most diverse ever" Congress' goals are in the next session. Just hours after being sworn in, Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib promised to go after President Trump, telling a group of left-wing supporters at a rally held by MoveOn near Capitol Hill, she would help Democrats “impeach the motherfucker.” We got congresspeople out here calling the president a mother fucker...

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