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  • White House Memo: At White House, Empty Desks and Unpaid Bills as Trump Shows No Sign of Relenting

    The pain of the partial government shutdown bit into all corners of America — even the White House, where there is often very little sympathy for those whose job it is to keep Washington running.
  • Trump keeping closest White House advisers in the dark on how he will end the shutdown: 'No one knows what he will do'

    According to a report in Politico, Donald Trump’s closest advisers in the White House are completely in the dark as to how the president will end the shutdown. Citing four staffers in the White House who wished to remain anonymous, the report claims that no one knows if the president will go through with his threat to declare a national emergency or if he has some alternative plan to get the budget impasse over his

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  • Trump will be forced to compromise: White House official

    Everyone except the president of the United States seems to realize the only way the shutdown will end is with a compromise on his part. A Wall Street Journal report on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to hold the State of the Union until the shutdown is over quoted a White House official admitting President Donald Trump will be forced to compromise. “There’s going to have to be a reality check moment that what he signs might

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  • Will it be a black woman who turfs Trump out of the White House?

    Democrat Kamala Harris embodies the driving force behind the party’s electoral surge. She may be their best bet for 2020 Life, as Donald Trump has known it for the last two years, has just changed forever. Quagmired in a government shutdown of his own making, Trump’s ability to manipulate his world is already severely constrained in this very new year. The more he struggles against his new surroundings, the more he sinks. Last week the president could only watch his beloved cable news channels...

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