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  • The Cowboys won ugly, and they can keep doing it

    Dallas controls time of possession, and doesn’t give up much on defense. That’s a winning blueprint in the playoffs. The Dallas Cowboys don’t have a high-flying offense to rival the Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Rams. But for the last two months, the Cowboys have shown they’re able to drag teams into messy, ugly games and consistently come out on top. It won the Cowboys the NFC East, and on Saturday night it got them their first playoff victory in four years with a 24-22 win over the Seattle...
  • McConnell keeps his head down as shutdown drags on

    The Senate majority leader isn’t playing the role of deal-maker as he has in previous fights.

  • What can pilots see at night – and what's the point of those headlights?

    Anyone who has ever star-gazed will know that aircraft use lights when flying, pesky planes masquerading as shooting stars throughout the hours of darkness.

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