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  • Hate the Sopranos finale? You're not a real fan of the series

    Was he killed, or did Tony Soprano eat his onion rings in peace? The final scene was a masterstroke – don’t mess with greatness Let’s get one thing straight. Tony Soprano didn’t die at the end of The Sopranos. He sat down with his family, put Journey on a jukebox and chomped on some onion rings. Then the screen went black. What happened after that – whether Tony was assassinated by the bloke who walked into the toilet moments before the blackout, or if he lived and had to listen to Meadow...

    the Guardian
  • Dirty John Finale Recap: The Bloody End

    The curious thing about the finale of Dirty John is that the title character didn’t seem to have any lines. He’s there forebodingly digging a grave in the middle of the desert, following Debra’s assistant to figure out where she lives, silently lurking behind the wheel of his car outside
  • Ray Donovan Finale Recap: Welcome to the Family

    Easily the best episode of the sixth season of Ray Donovan and one of the best episodes in the show’s history, “The Dead” smoothly ties up a lot of the threads of this year while leaving enough dangling for the next. Executive producer and showrunner David Hollander has really been